Friday, June 1, 2012

Memory Box - Love those Butterfly Dies!

I keep coming back to the butterfly dies...Vivienne, Darla, Kaleidoscope, and Moonlight... Just seems like they are the perfect addition to any card.

Here's my latest design using Vivienne and Darla.

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This card starts with a Hyacinth Note Card.  I added a white and Licorice mat.  Then I die cut 2 Tessatina Borders (98302) from Hyacinth Paper and trimmed the ends.

Die cut Flower Cottage paper using just the circle from the Grand Snow Globe 98228 and adhere to Scalloped Circle 98109 die cut from Licorice paper and attach to mat. Wrap baker's twine around and tie a bow then attach all to the front of the card.

Die cut Latchette Border 98294 from Licorice paper and attach to bottom of card.  Trim ends.

Finally die cut Vivienne Butterfly from Flower Cottage paper and Darla Butterfly from Aloe paper and attach to front of card.

Memory Box has a new release coming out.  All next week we'll be featuring designs from the new release over on the Outside the Box blog.


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  1. This is gorgeous, lady. Been to outside the box and now visiting you. Thanks for the link. I completely forgot about it and I'm so tickled you you remembered. You just made my day! Hugs,