Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Florida....here I come!

I am so excited to have been invited to teach two Memory Box classes at A Small Cleverness in Orange Park, Florida.  I'm so giddy I can hardly stand it....and those around me can hardly stand it either. {smile}

Anyway, the classes will be Friday, October 12 with a repeat of the classes on Saturday, October 13.   Donna Kazee, the owner, will be scheduling the times, so if you're interested {hint, hint}, call the store at (904) 272-0503.

Here's one of the cards we'll be making.

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It's my favorite...and it's the one I featured on the Outside the Blog blitz to promote the new Memory Box Holiday 2012 release a few weeks ago. 

I am just so grateful that Dave Brethauer, the owner of Memory Box invited me to be on his design team back in 2009.   So many times I don't feel worthy of this opportunity.  And I can't thank Donna enough for inviting me to her store.

Talk to you soon!


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